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Mi Smarthouse App

Mi (More Independent) promote clever technology and gadgets for the home that enhance safety, health and wellbeing - especially for those with learning disabilities, or living alone. Things like intruder and fall alarms, bed occupancy sensors, one-cup coffee makers, and talking photo frames.

The challenge:

Mi had already developed a mobile exhibition called ‘The Mi Smarthouse’, which is currently on display at the Museum of Liverpool. But they wanted to make their ideas and technology, and the Smarthouse, more accessible to everyone, so Graphix Assest came on board.

The solution:

Graphix Asset developed a fabulous 3D, animated version of the house, as well as a mobile app, that people could 'take with them' everywhere.

Mi SmarthouseThey designed, developed and published the app for tablets and smartphones, and for both iOS (iphone and ipad) and android (Google Play) versions. You can ‘walk’ around the virtual house, with a Martin Clunes voiceover as your guide.

Approximately 30 gadgets, with descriptions, photos and voice description set out in five zones, including the lounge, kitchen and bathroom are all accessible in the app.

The outcome:

The Mi Virtual Smarthouse App now allows people who are not able to get to the real Smarthouse to explore ideas in the comfort of their own home.

The app is very easy to use, and has a clear and simple navigation. This proves useful for people in lots of different circumstances, and the people that support and care for them.

More information:

Mi is a Government-funded initiative that is being piloted across four UK regions.

The Mi partnership is funded by the Technology Strategy Board, which finds ways to boost the UK economy through technological innovations. Partners include: NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, Liverpool Community Health NHS, NHS Informatics Merseyside, Hft, Phillips, PSS (Person Shaped Support), Riverside, Tunstall.

Visit the Mi website here>>

Get the app from iTunes here>>



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